I posted these two graphs to twitter a while ago. But that was the start of July and now it's the end of August; lots more data, what's changed?

The peak around 10 minutes is much stronger now, and in general the histogram has smoothed out. (This is all as I'd expect.)

The graph below shows where people get their content. The most common place, this time and last time, is the Guardian (so you should go and pay them some money!).

Diversity of sources: so far Walden Pond has printed 1452 articles. 809 of them come from the top 47 publishers. (The ones shown in the graph.) The rest (643) come from 454 other places!

But what are people actually reading?

I've had to work on ignoring what's in everyone's editions as I'm proofing them for layout issues. Partially because I don't want to be creepy, but mainly because they're so fascinating.

I've saved a lot of these articles to my Pocket. Having all the Walden Pond readers filter the internet for interesting articles is a real privilege. You should all get access to that privilege too. So here's a list of everything that ever printed in a Walden Pond edition.

Note: To anonymise this list even further, I've taken out any articles that seem to be easier than most to tie back to a person.

I'd like to make this into an automated list, but it has some privacy implications. I'm going to make a new tag (wpsecret) that you can use to mark an individual article as private. There will also be an option to mark your whole catalogue as private. I'm all ears for ideas around this, so if you have any thoughts, send me an email.

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